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Our goal is to help you as a Doctor to optimize your credit score to assist in qualifying for financing to help grow your practice. That's why we've developed the A&C Consultants Advantage.

Below are the various levels of credit consultation services we offer. To begin, we recommend an initial Free Qualification Survey to determine if you´re a good candidate for our services.

  • One hour telephone credit consultation.
  • Identification of your credit goals.
  • Audit of all 3 national credit bureau reports.
  • Analysis of your FICO credit score impact.
  • Make recommendations for FICO Credit Score optimization.
  • Identification of your credit goals.
  • Audit all 3 national credit bureau reports.
  • Analysis of your FICO credit bureau reports.
  • Analysis of your FICO credit score impact.
  • Collect data to prove reporting of inaccurate, obsolete, and unverifiable credit items.
  • Develop a Credit Score Optimization Plan targeting essential credit items.
  • Design and distribute credit dispute letters to credit bureaus and/or creditors to challenge obsolete, inaccurate, and unverifiable items.
  • Work with original creditors as necessary to revise credit reporting status as necessary.
  • Review your office payment policies and make recommendations to adjust your monthly payments and purchases to a more credit score friendly payment plan.
  • Inform Doctor/staff/spouse regarding credit friendly purchasing.
  • Inform Doctor/staff/spouse to avoid credit damaging activities.
  • Inform Doctor/staff/spouse about counterintuitive nature of credit scoring model.
  • Inform on protection of checking accounts from legal and/or illegal predators.
  • Final report of credit score optimization results, recommendations and/or referral for legal action if necessary.
  • Identification of your credit goals.
  • Audit all 3 national credit bureau reports.
  • Analysis of your FICO credit bureau reports.
  • Analysis of your FICO credit score impact.
  • Develop and implement Credit Score Optimization Plan based upon strategies for enhancement of positive credit items reporting.


Oftentimes, to the untrained eye, items reporting on your credit report may not readily appear to have a significant impact on your credit score. However, based upon our years of experience, understanding of the credit scoring models, and credit laws we review your credit reports to identify credit items to target for optimization of your credit score.


We discuss your report with you and the story behind each and every item to be able to determine a legal resolution with the original creditor and the Credit Reporting Agencies.

Analysis and Optimization:

We perform an analysis of your credit report to determine your approximate place in the scoring system (10 scorecards, 24 variables, and 300 components). We then develop a detailed plan to work out various strategies, determine order of items to be disputed, plan correspondence with original creditor and/or credit bureaus, analyze the mixture of credit and improvement possibilities, determine the changes expected in the average age of credit and the best possible strategies to deal with their negative effects, pinpoint the probability of upcoming judgments and strategies to try to prevent them, recognize identity theft or mixed files, to mention a few of the many items on our checklist. We do not claim to know everything about the credit scoring model because it´s a closely guarded secret. However, we have researched and understand the components that influence the improvement or reduction of your credit scores.


There are multiple options to have inaccurate, obsolete, or unverifiable negative credit items deleted from your credit reports. Late payments may be worked out with your bank or your credit card company. Options for resolution of collection accounts may differ (e.g. medical or nonmedical). Depending on the type of credit item and the company holding the debt may require various approaches to resolve (pursuant to credit laws, paid collections may stay on your credit report for "up to" 7 years). Options for resolution of tax liens may vary depending upon the type of lien and payment plans (e.g. State or Federal). Options for resolving the negative reporting of defaulted or delinquent student loans may vary depending upon the type of loan (e.g. Government, private, guaranteed, consolidated, etc.).

Change of Reporting:

Many consumers fail to realize that the method of reporting of their positive credit items may potentially lower or raise their credit scores. As a result, credit reports without any negative credit items may be potentially improved as well. Please know that the current economic and banking climate are not necessarily designed or intended to encourage high credit scores. Such a counterintuitive system works to the advantage of many creditors to increase their bottom lines.

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