Real questions asked by real Doctors
  1. 1.  If I am somebody who has a 750+ credit score and pay my bills on time why should I be in danger?

All of us are in danger because the credit scoring system was not created for such volatile times. Even FICO tries to upgrade their way of calculating your score, they are playing catch up with the fast changing economy. Some banks have introduced risk lowering measures which lowered high scoring clients' credit scores.

  1. 2.   Are you telling me that while we do nothing wrong we still can lose 120 points of our credit score?

Yes. Credit Card companies are lowering limits and closing credit cards taking points away from you and in some cases they start a domino effect which needs to be reversed or fixed before you lose all your credit.

  1. 3.  My credit card interest rate is hiking to 33+%. What can I do about it?

Only negotiate. Do not close your card!!!!

  1. 4.  My friend got a late payment charge on his credit report and he was not late. How can he handle that?

Our job is to help you to fight them. There are developed techniques for these cases. You can always call them but know if you simply say it was your fault they may not change it.

  1. 5.  How do inquiries damage my score?

Every inquiry has a different value to it. When we see your credit report we can see approximately how much the inquiry can damage your score. It can vary from 1-2 points to over 10 points depending upon which scorecard you are designated, how many inquiries you have, which inquiry scores you have and many other components.

  1. 6.  Does an inquiry damage my score if I check my own credit?

No, if you check it on, or any free site. DO NOT RUN IT WITH car dealers, mortgage brokers or any stores or vendors.

  1. 7.  Is it true that some credit card companies are clearing out people's checking accounts?

Yes. If you gave them permission to withdraw your payment from your checking account, depending from your contract they can collect the full amount if they want to. Never do automatic withdrawal if you have no financial means to pay the full amount.

  1. 8.  Everybody is talking about ID Theft. If my credit was stolen or mixed up with my family members what do I do?

Our job is to help separate our clients' mixed credit files or help them to take care of an ID Theft. We can challenge the credit bureaus to delete lines of credit which are not yours. We can help you to get your credit back and hopefully help you to correct your score to where it's supposed to be. Or at your request we can help you to optimize your scores.

  1. 9.  I have too many credit cards. Should I cancel them?

Never cancel a credit card if you want to optimize your credit score. You are canceling your credit history.

  1. 10.  How can I get my real credit score? On the same day different companies give me different scores.

The only company providing the REAL FICO score online is FAIR ISSAC CORPORATION´s site on

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