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A&C Consultants is a specialized credit score optimization company Co-founded by Monika Nagy, a Certified Credit Analyst and Reney DuBose, a licensed credit attorney. Our mission is to help Doctors, Dentists, and Veterinarians to optimize your credit scores to qualify for financing to grow your practice.


We have extensively researched the FICO Credit Scoring model, the credit reporting system, and credit laws to develop processes to help optimize your credit score. For example, the FICO credit scoring system is a computer algorithm based upon 24 variables and 300 components. Using our expertise and experience, we perform a comprehensive analysis of your credit reports and develop a credit score optimization plan to assist you in targeting as many of the 300 scoring components as possible to improve your credit score. Monika Nagy is one of a few Certified Credit Analysts dedicated to studying credit scoring models. She is the author of the book "Give Yourself the Credit You Deserve" which provides insight into the FICO credit scoring model and it's application.

Additionally, as a licensed Credit Attorney, Reney DuBose and his wife Marti (a financial literacy advocate) present credit education seminars for churches, chambers of commerce, and community groups nationwide. They are also the co-authors of books, articles, and credit blogs, as well as the co-developers of a credit information portal providing credit information and resources for consumers. Reney has extensive experience in mapping out the credit reporting industry including credit laws affecting the credit reporting process.

Many consumers are unaware of studies showing that over 76% of credit reports provided by the credit bureaus contain errors. Credit laws were enacted to give consumers rights with regard to what, how, and when their credit information may be reported.

So our credit score optimization process includes the development of credit dispute letters to challenge the credit bureaus and creditors that report your credit information to prove their compliance with the credit laws when reporting credit information used by FICO to calculate your credit scores.

Finally, we have especially studied many of the daily financial problems faced by Doctors personally and also with regard to their practices. We participate in medical conferences and listen to the same office organization seminars as you to keep up with the latest technology, financial changes and developments regarding practice management.

In short, we understand your specific credit challenges as a Doctor and we have tailored our expertise and experience to offer credit consultation services and provide the level of confidentiality, professionalism, and focus to help optimize your credit scores to aid in your efforts to qualify for financing to grow your practice.

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