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Our company, A&C Consultants is a specialized credit score optimization company helping doctors, dentists and veterinarians to optimize their credit score to grow their practices.

We specialize in providing credit score help for Doctors!

Doctors rely on us to help them work through the challenges of optimizing their credit scores to qualify for financing to grow their practices. We understand how busy you are and how critical it is to get financing to purchase new equipment.

That's why we provide customized consulting services that cater to your specific financial situation. We perform a comprehensive audit of your credit reports and work with you to develop a detailed credit score optimization plan to meet your short and long term financial objectives. We also review your office payment policies and help you to adjust your payments and purchases to a more credit score friendly payment plan.

Whether you've been thru a divorce, have high student loan balances, slow payment history, high credit card balances, collection accounts, IRS tax liens or simply have challenges with your spouse's spending habits, we can help!


Our company was Co-founded by a licensed credit attorney and a Certified Credit Analyst (CCA). We have extensively researched the FICO credit scoring model, the credit reporting system, and credit laws. As a result, we know how to use them to help optimize your credit scores.

We are a specialized credit optimization firm dedicated to helping medical professionals. You can rely on our confidentiality and expertise to help you optimize your credit scores to assist in qualifying for the financing you need to grow your practice. Just ask our former clients. Let us help you too. You can get started by scheduling a Credit Check Up!

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